Tiamat Box Art Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt

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Tiamat Box Art Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt T-shirts


This 80sTees.com exclusive Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt features the box art for the Tiamat toy that was released as part of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons series. The evil dragon came with claw-grabbing legs, five posable heads, bendable necks, an opening and closing jaw, and flexible wings.

Tiamat is a monstrous five-headed evil dragon that roams the land in search of treasure. The most feared of all evil dragons, Tiamat fights with five gruesome heads, each with its own destructive power. Tiamat swoops down from the sky and grabs victims with huge, horrible claws.

As the queen and mother of evil dragons, Tiamat is the most popular character in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy series. Let everyone know that you are a fan with this 80sTees.com exclusive Tiamat Box Art Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt!

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Tiamat Box Art Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt

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