Stripe Poster Gremlins T-Shirt

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Stripe Poster Gremlins T-Shirt T-shirts


This Gremlins t-shirt shows a new take on the A4 movie poster from 1984. The new image shows Stripe painting The Gremlins Are Coming.

In Gremlins, Billy Peltzer got a very special Christmas present, a mogwai that came with three rules that were never to be broken: do not expose the mogwai to light, especially sunlight, which will kill it, do not let it come in contact with water, and above all, never feed it after midnight. When the mogwai, named Gizmo, got wet, it spawned more creatures just like it. When the creatures were fed after midnight, they turned into evil gremlins. Stripe took on the role of the leader of the gremlins, as they caused mayhem throughout Kingston Falls.

For any fan of the 1984 classic, this Stripe Poster Gremlins T-Shirt is a must have!

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Stripe Poster Gremlins T-Shirt

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