Obey Signal They Live T-Shirt

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Obey Signal They Live T-Shirt T-shirts


The image on this They Live t-shirt would look like a normal off the air television signal to the naked human eye. To aliens and anyone wearing a special pair of sunglasses, they see the word “Obey”.

In They Live, a drifter named John Nada discovered a pair of sunglasses that allowed him to wake up to the fact that aliens had taken over the Earth. Nada found that when he wore the sunglasses, he could tell the difference between humans and aliens that were disguised as humans. Nada could also see messages that came from a signal broadcaster disguised as a satellite dish. John Nada made it his mission to destroy the signal broadcaster.

For any fan of John Carpenter’s 1988 classic starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, this Obey Signal They Live T-Shirt is a must have!

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Obey Signal They Live T-Shirt

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