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Licks Tootsie Pop T-Shirt T-shirts


This Licks Tootsie Pop T-Shirt features an image of an animated owl taking his famous three licks of the lollipop filled with a chewy Tootsie Roll. The shirt reads, “How Many Licks To The Center of a Tootsie Pop?” Animated commercials for Tootsie Pops first starting airing in 1969. A boy asked a cow, a fox, a turtle, and an owl how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The owl licked the Tootsie Pop and then bit into it. The owl became the most popular commercial character, and only the boy and owl appeared in Tootsie Pop commercials afterwards.

For any fan of the commercials of childhood, this Licks Tootsie Pop T-Shirt is a must have!

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Licks Tootsie Pop T-Shirt

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