Ladies Gwenom Marvel Comics Shirt

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Ladies Gwenom Marvel Comics Shirt T-shirts


This ladies Marvel Comics shirt shows Gwen Stacy bonded with her universe’s version of the Venom symbiote to become Gwenom.

Gwenom was introduced in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 on Earth-65. After a confrontation with Cindy Moon, Spider-Gwen had lost her powers. Meanwhile, Matt Murdock had unleashed the Venom symbiote, which found its way to Spider-Gwen. Now bonded to the symbiote, Gwen fully regained her powers with a noticeable power upgrade and all the powers of the main Marvel Universe’s Venom, including tendrils, unlimited webbing and a shapeshifting costume!

The Venom symbiote brought out the darkest side of Gwen Stacy, and now you can show you are a fan of the powerful character with this Ladies Gwenom Marvel Comics Shirt!

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Ladies Gwenom Marvel Comics Shirt

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