GoPro Diving Underwater PC Color Filter

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GoPro Diving Underwater PC Color Filter


Key Features
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Only for GoPro HD Hero 3+
  • Unobstructed view of front LCD display
  • Protects lens from dust, impact and scratches
  • The Orange Color Correction Filter could be used in blue waters (bright days, shallow waters, etc.) specially used for recordings in less light or more depth situation, it helps you to capture the real colors.
  • Filter easily snaps on/off. Open the camera housing without removing filter
  • Package includes:
    – GoPro Color Filter x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)
This GoPro Diving Underwater PC Filter Cover For HD Hero 3+ Camera provides color correction when filming in tropical waters. This filter also can improve the underwater colors dramatically without affecting the view of LCD display. Made of polycarbonate, providing extra protection for your GoPro Hero 3+ / Hero 3 Plus camera.

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Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple

GoPro Diving Underwater PC Color Filter

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